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Viragocarb Motorcycle Carburetor Repair

Boris De Denko

My "new to me in August, 2013" 1987 Virago 700 was idling on both cylinders, but running on only one. Joe cleaned and rebuilt my carburetors very quickly, and they came back to me looking as new. A quick test run after re-installation let this machine come alive! Thank you, Joe! Great job!

James Kuzmik

Main Jet Nozzle, Mikuni Slide Carriage

Great parts,very professional customer service, and fast shipping!

Inquired about an obsolete carb part and got a response almost immediately. Not only did he have it but he gave me a great price and upon payment I received said part in great condition and very quickly. I would/will highly recommend to all. I am more than pleased with the turn out of our transaction

Kenneth Snopkowski

Rebuild/rejet Service

This was the best investment that I made with this bike. Joe rebuilt and rejetted my bike to where it ran way better than the factory. I strongly recommend this service to any one. This service is A-1 and the carbs look brand new! The bikes response is more crisp and acceleration quick!This is a service that can't be beat!!!!!

Robert Haley

I called in and recived alot of great help over the phone. The person (I belive his name was Bill) was very knowledgeable. He gave me several tips and now my bike is running great.

Thank you so much for all the help.

Robert Haley


Excellent Customer Service

I would recommend anyone to use ViragoCarb for a rebuild. The service is quick - I mailed my carbs from Canada and it only took two weeks from me posting them to getting them back looking brand new. Follow up is excellent too, as the owner, Joe, is determined to make sure everything is perfect and won't settle until it is. I still had some running issues but Joe has been an enormous help in getting things sorted. Don't bother going anywhere else - Joe is your man for the job!

Stanley Kaminski

Carburetor Rebuild Virago XV500

Unbelievable fast service!! Mailed my carbs from Milwaukee,WI. Wednesday came back to Milwaukee the following Wednesday. They look brand new and I now need to put them on. I just need the weather to warm up. Great communication I would highly recommend this outstanding service! Joe knows his stuff!

Mike Hall

Carb rebuild 1996 Yamaha Virago 1100 Mikuni BST40 Carburetors

Joe rebuilt my mikuni carbs for my Virago quickly and the bike runs great, better than it ever has and it ran good before. He was great to work with and the communication was fantastic. He really knows his stuff and takes great pride in his work. Now if he only worked on computers. I wish I could visit his shop, maybe someday. Thanks Joe, Mike Hall

Louis Ehlers


rebuild carbs from a Yamaha 535

Joe knows his Verago carburetors. Fast turn around.

They came back looking new. The engine started and ran great the moment I first start it. Before it was hard to start and idled rough. Put on 130 miles within 24 hours after installing the repaired carbs. It's like having a new bike, thanks Joe.

Rich Cwirko

535 carbs complete rebuild

knowledgable,great quality service,quick service

I cant say enough about the professionalism, service and quality I had received at Viragoscarb. I had an issue with my carbs that I thought were a total disaster and junk. I spoke with Joe who took the time to explain and answers question regarding my issue with carbs. He suggested I send them to him to see what can be done. Much to my surprise he was able to save them and when I got them back I thought they were brand new. It was a pleasure to work with Joe. I dont know what else to say except great quality and time efficient. I would definitely recommend this service to anybody that is looking for carb work. THANKS JOE FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!

Andrew Boner

Carb repair

Inexpensive, quick and well done.

Inexpensive, quick and done well; who says you can't have all three?

Jim Kirkpatrick

Carburetor Rebuild

Quality Parts & Fast Reliable Service

My beat up carburetors looked to me to be a hopeless case, but they came back to me looking and working like new again. Thanks to Joe Stack and Viragocarb

John Ortaldo

Viragocarb Carburator Repair Service

Prompt and friendly service

If you need Yamaha carburator work, this is the place. I was especially pleased with the prompt and friendly service to obtain a rebuild carborator for a Yamaha Virago motorcycle. Repair shop could not fix or find one. The service and flexibility was great. THIS IS THE PLACE for YAMAHA.

Matt Kunkle

Very knowledgable and helpful

I was having some carb issues with my Virago. I called Joe and he was very helpful and gave great advice without trying to sell me anything. Very much appreciated!

Matt Kunkle

Jake Chambers

Had carburetors repaired/rebuilt

Joe was great, to start he gave me some advise over

the phone to check first before i decided to send out the carbs, unfortunatly it didnt work there were bigger issues with them, could not find anyone locally who would or even could check them out, I shipped them out to joe and he emailed me what the probs. were fixed them up and sent them back, it took approx. a week. I have owned my virago 15yrs and it has never ran this good. Highly recommend joe!!

Jake C. Rochester, NY

Anthony Gasson

carburetor repair

Joe was professional and knows what he is doing

I got my new/rebuilt carburetor for my Virago XV 700. I installed it and could not be happier everything is clean and was ready to go. the bike fired up with the first try my bike is runing better than ever thank you !

your friend from Arizona

Anthony G


Virago owner


Joe is the man! I own a 1995 yamaha virago 535, and the other day it was pouring gas out of the carb. I found out that I had a stuck float, and living on a college campus I didnt have a place I could remove the carb for rebuilding. I came across Joe Stack online and gave him a call; he was able to devise a way to take apart the bowl and float assembly on my bike without having to remove it! Joe also offered to talk me through the process in case i couldnt get it on my own, as well as sent me all the diagrams i needed for the job. Joe is a very gererous, knowladgable mechanic and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a smart carb mechanic. I could not be happier with his service!

James R. smith

1995 Viirago 1100 Owner

I was having problems with my Virago not responding well and once in a while popping on deceleration. Joe told me that he would rebuild them and try out some new diaphragms. I sent the carbs to Joe and had them returned, rebuilt and looking AWESOME in less than a week. I installed the carbs on my Virago, set the idle speed and was riding in no time. The bike has never run better. The throttle response is instant, the revs are quick and smooth, and there is no longer any sign of popping or anything on deceleration. Joe is definitely the man when it comes to Virago Carburetors. I Highly Recommend you let Joe @ Viragocarb do your carbs if they are not running perfect and you want them to. You will be glad you did. I most definitely am...

Mark Jurcik

My 83 XV500 had a stutter I just couldn't figure out or find. After reading these reviews, I took the chance and send my Canadian carbs to Joe. He got them on a Friday and was done on Monday. They look awesome! Communications with Joe were par none! Always kept me informed, heck, I think I made a new friend! It's still winter so I can't ride for a few months yet, but old Joe said just give him a call if I got any problems. He's one of a kind, thanks Joe!

I purchased a used 1986 XV1100 that eventually needed carb work. My local Yamaha dealer took them apart but refused to source out parts that were no longer available through Yamaha. They handed me the carbs back in a handful of pieces. I sent them to Joe who was able to identify the problems, perform the repairs, find the necessary parts and return them to me in record time. Simply installed them and turned the key, started up the first time! They run like a Swiss watch! Don’t waste your time taking your carbs anywhere else! Thanks for the excellent service Joe!!!

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